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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Month in Review

January has come and gone so quickly!!! Overall, I am happy with the way it turned out, although I wish I could have hit the 100 mile mark this month. I was on track to do so, but then my hamstring began acting up again. It got so bad that I couldn't even run across the street or walk quickly without it being very painful, let alone run on it. So I came in at 81 miles. Not so bad given the fact that I had a few injuries to contend with this month. I am just hoping that the injuries are behind me now and I can continue to run regularly throughout the next few months. It has felt so good to run more consistently this last month. It really does have such an impact on my mood. One the days I run before work, I find that I have much more patience and energy overall. "Life is good" after a good run.

Due to my injuries, I did not participate in a race, so I have already failed at my #1) New Year's resolution, participating in a race a month. Perhaps if I run 2 races in an upcoming month, I can redeem myself. After all, if they are my resolutions (and I wrote them), can't I make the rules on what qualifies as achieving them?

Resolution #2) Only 1119 miles to go! (yikes!)

Resolution #3) Kelly Ripa's arms, buns of steel, and a strong core- Cross training has been a little slow. I REALLY love my physique 57 videos, but I haven't been doing them as often as I want to this month, mostly due to time constraints. However, tomorrow starts Fabulous Abs Month-so I should get a boost on resolution #3, especially if i try to incorporate some push-ups with my daily abs workout.

Resolution #4) 12 books in 12 months- I am really enjoying my January pick, Crashing through, and I am almost done- only 40 pages left, so I hope to finish by tomorrow! Again, time constraints (and maybe too much reading of other people's blogs at night) has left me alittle behind schedule. I think I already know what my February pick is going to be - it is the month of love :-) - so it is going to have to be a romance!

Resolution #5) Live, Love, Laugh-Despite falling off the wagon one weekend by pigging out, not exercising much, watching way too much of "Keeping up with the Kardashians", and feeling sorry for myself, I think I am doing pretty well on this one. Being injured, some lows in my personal life, and the cold of winter has made it hard at times, but the coverage on TV of the devastation in Haiti this month has also made it a lot easier to be oh so thankful for what I've got!
Summary: 81 miles of running
10 miles on elliptical
6 core/arm/glut strengthening sessions

This evening, as I sit hear watching/listening to the Grammys, I am so grateful for the power of music: for: how it makes me feel, how it makes me run longer and faster, how it keeps me from becoming completely bored when I am on the elliptical, and, most importantly, how it can unite the world and help it to heal.

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