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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Blog!

Yikes! I've never "blogged" before, but I have been following my favorite bloggers (mostly runners) for well over 2 years now and thought maybe I should give it a try. I thought it would be:
1) a good way for me to write down my goals and be held accountable for them
2) a good way to keep track of my weekly mileage, which in turn would help to push me out the door into the bitter cold on mornings when I didn't feel like running, knowing i had to come home and post my mileage
3) a good way to keep a "gratitude journal" of sorts and create a place I could come back to and review/remember the good, the bad, and the ugly over the year.
Sooooo, what better day to start, then January 1st!
Here are some of my goals for 2010:
1) Return of the "race of the month" club - pretty self-explanatory, one race a month, preferably something fun, and outside the city (better schwag and less runners taking themselves too seriously!)
2) 1200 miles in 2010 - pretty low mileage for some of you- but I come from the "quality vs. quantity" school of thought especially being in the profession that i am in and seeing overuse injuries everyday. Don't get me wrong, I do believe as Danny Dreyer states in his book, Chi Running, that running is a natural movement and that it is not running that creates injuries, but poor running form and biomechanics that sidelines most runners. However, until I take the time to strengthen my right glut until it is equal to my left, and to strengthen my core muscles so that they can trully function as the powerhouse they were meant to be , I am going to stick to ~ 25 miles a week. Hmmm.. I just felt another goal come on.
3) Create buns of steel, a mighty core, and, heck while I am at it, how about Kelly Ripa's arms! (This right here, folks, is why most new years resolutions last only an average of 5 days )
4) Read 12 books in 12 months - self-explanatory and hopefully easy enough to accomplish
5) Live, Love, Laugh Everyday and be grateful for what I've got. Unfortunately, I know too many people who are dealing with a sick child, husband, or parent right now. I am so very lucky for everything and everyone i have in my life right now- just need to take the time to remind myself of that every now and then.
Well, I think I am off to a good start. Hopefully, I can keep to these goals and to writing my blog for longer then 5 days!!
Cheers to my guy for taking the plunge at Coney Island this AM as part of the Polar Bear Club.
Happy Moment: Running the boardwalk at Coney Island with friends after the fun and festivities of the annual New Years Day swim.
Mileage YTD: 5

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