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Monday, February 1, 2010

National Abs Month (NAM)

I can't believe February is already here. Fortunately that means we are one month closer to warmer temps! Unfortunately, that also means we are one month closer to bikini season. Yikes! So what better way to start February off, then by taking part in National Abs Month (NAM).

I found out about NAM on The Beat of My Noisy Heart's blogspot. Basically it entails performing abdominal exercises daily for the entire month. My boyfriend and I have decided to make it a bit more interesting, and a lot more motivating, by rewarding ourselves with a tropical vacation (somewhere where I will have to wear a bikini!) if we stick with the plan for the entire 28 days.

Last night we took "before" pics. I've decided not to post them until after the 28 days, when I can compare them to the "after" pictures. After all, if there is no difference between the "before" and the "after" pics, then I will not post them, and I will have spared myself posting pics of my pale, naked stomach on the internet!

Day 1 of NAM: physique 57 Arm and Abs booster

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