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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June: Time to Regroup and Organize!

I have sort of fallin off the wagon in terms of blogging and training during the month of May. Although I have been putting in the miles and running consistently (hitting my 100 miles/month goal) the quality of my runs and any sort of "organized" training have gone out the window. It sure did show, too, during the 1/2 marathon I attempted to run on Sunday morning unfortunately. I am not exactly sure what it was, but I haven't had a bad race like this one in a long time. I forgot just how bad it can feel to run poorly and to be so disappointed after a race. I wasn't really taking the race seriously, but it still really bummed me out to feel this bad. I never wanted a race to end so badly. It makes me not want to get back out there on the starting line again, and I hate that feeling. I felt so excited after the National half, knowing I was just getting back into running and not really yet training, and still ended up finishing less then 2 minutes off my PR. I thought I was just going to keep going up and up in terms of my running, and then, bam, I fell flat on my face on Sunday morning. I know in running, as in life, there will be good days and there will be bad days, and perhaps I just needed this slap in the face to get the fire burning under my butt again just in time for fall marathon training season to begin, but it still sucks! So, this month I pledge to start taking my running more seriously and to start getting my grove back on.
Therefore, I present my goals for the month of June:
Cardio: 5 days a week: 4 days running (quality runs) 1 day cross training
Strengthening: 2-3 days a week: core and upper/lower body
Nutrition: Lets try this again- drink plenty of water!!! and portion control!!!
Life: Make the most out of my days
Friend: one social event a week (meet up with friends/family) or reconnect via phone or email
Family: see/talk to them more often
Mind: Finish a book
Work: presentation
Wow! looks like it is going to be a busy month- but I do better and feel better when I am busy and organized and have a plan!!!
I am very excited to start fall marathon training season!!!
Yeah for the month of June!