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Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Blog = New Injury?

What is going on here????? I got myself psyched up to maintain my goal of running 25 miles a week, getting up in the cold morning hours to run, to feel good and, I am not going to lie, to be able to change my YTD mileage status on my blog so people wouldn't judge me. I didn't want people to think I was like all those other people who crowd the gym every January 1st and maybe even 2nd, 3rd and 4th, only to not be seen again until next January 1st. Tuesday's morning run went well, despite the cold. I met a friend at 6:45 am and we ran the outer loop of the park together, totaling 8 miles. Good, I thought, I am back on track. We even made a date to do the same thing again on Thursday morning. We met at 6:45am as usual, started jogging, started chatting, and then ~3/4 miles into the jog (I say jog because we were just starting out, still making our way to the park, which involves alot of stop and go due to all the street crossings) BAM! Literally BAM! It felt like somebody had come from behind and stabbed me in the back of the thigh. It felt like a big cramp in my hamstrings that I just needed to gently work out. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. As we kept jogging it just kept getting worse, until, finally, I was forced to stop and walk (or should i say hobble) home 1 mile in the freezing cold-frustrated and worried. Worried, because, now would not be the time to have to stop running (if ever there is a good time), especially after splurging during the holidays and with things in my current relationship not going so well. I need running for both stress and chocolate control right now!! Anyway, I went to work worried, with a nagging tightness in my hamstrings. By the end of the night however, it was beginning to feel better. I was smart enough to take Friday off, I didn't want to make matters worse. I woke up this am, feeling pretty good, and pretty confident I would be able to make my way around the park. And I was good, until about mile 2 -1/2 when BAM!! Literally BAM! Out of nowhere the pain returned! The problem this time around was that I was on the other side of the park, pretty much screwed. Whichever route I was to take, it would require a long walk up a big hill and a very cold walk home. Instead, I somehow managed to continue running, given I didn't really have a choice, and as I continued the pain actually got alittle better instead of worse, so I just took it slowly and was able to complete my run, 1 mile short of my original plan. My leg was very tight about a 1/2 hour after the run but loosened up during the day as I was busy cleaning and running errands. It feels pretty tight right now though, as I sit on the couch, drinking a glass of wine, fooling myself into thinking that it will be all gone by the time I wake up tomorrow morning for a nice little run with a friend. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!! On a brighter note, I was able to complete a 30 minute Physique 57 arms and abs booster this afternoon (to help me get those Kelly Ripa arms I vowed to get this year!). So, I always have something I can do if this hamstring becomes stubborn, as they so often do!!
Mileage YTD: 20 miles
Happy moment of the day: completing my run and coming home to a yummy breakfast

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