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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nothing like a good run to make you "snap out of it!"

How come it is that I always seem to forget how good a run can feel, and even more importantly, how a good run can instantly snap you out of an emotional rut?

Every single time this happens, I seem to have an "Aha moment". The only problem is that I always seem to forget this new revelation when I need it the most! Lately there have been some road blocks in my personal life, and, although, I have been trying to stay optimistic and not let things spoil my new, improved "good outlook on life" attitude I have been sporting lately, things finally got the best of me.

I found myself moping around all day yesterday, and I just couldn't get myself motivated enough to get outside and go for a run. Yet, had I just got out there and done it, I could have probably salvage the rest of my day. Instead, I just laid around in my PJs all day, eating crap, and watching "Keeping up with the "Kardashians" reruns. I found myself wishing I could be sharing my pint of phish food with the Kardashian girls as we hung out in their parents' living room together helping Bruce Jenner devise a plan that would help teach his wife, Chris, a lesson. Yes, you would think that at that moment I had, in fact, reached rock bottom, but, no, the night just got worse.

With a slice of pizza in hand, I found myself crying every time some actor thanked his/her significant other at the SAG awards last night. Then, I put myself in a worse mood by sitting there and thinking about how fat and out of shape I was getting, eating all this junk food, and not exercising over the last few days and then...... I reached for a brownie.

I continued to sit there wondering how I let myself waste my entire Saturday. I went to bed, vowing that I would get up and go for a run straight away tomorrow.

Well, I finally did go for a run, at about 11am. It took a lot of motivation to get out there, but once I started running, it felt O so good!!! I was only going to do one loop of the park, but I was feeling so good and just so happy to be out there that I tacked on some more miles for a total of a little more then 10 miles. I got home, ate a healthy breakfast/lunch, and had a productive and happy rest of the day.

Hopefully I finally learned my lesson this time around and next time I get in a bad mood and have a bad case of the blahs, I will JUST get my ass out the door!!! It really only took one mile of running to start noticing a change in my attitude. With every additional mile, I could feel my smile grow, and my outlook go from gloomy to good!

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