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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A LOVE-ly Weekend

After my "feel-good" run last Thursday I was ready to sign up for a marathon. After convincing myself that I was thinking crazy thoughts, I settled for signing up for a Valentine's Day race for Saturday.

What a great decision that was!! It was the perfect way to start off the long weekend and get out of the city.

Saturday morning my guy and I participated in the Bradford Valentine Road Race in Bradford, Ma. We registered as a couple, meaning one of us had to run the 5 mile route, the other the 6k. Since Mr. G is much faster then me, he ran 5 miles, I the 6k. (In the couples category, the couple with the lowest combined time wins). I was actually a little nervous, just because it has been quite awhile since I participated in a race, especially one of such short distances. Running a 1/2 marathon or a 10 miler is a lot different (and a lot easier for me ) then running a 6K. Running such short distances doesn't allow you to settle into your pace- it is all out from the beginning-something I am not really use to anymore! Anyway, we decided not to take the race too seriously, especially since we both aren't in the best shape right now. It was more about just going out there, having fun, and scoring the free box of chocolates. I didn't even look at my watch or worry about my pace, I just went out there and ran. The race course was really nice, hilly and scenic- just the way I like it. Winning first in my age group division, was just icing on the cake and a big surprise! A big surprise because in actuality I was second in my age group. When my name was called, I whispered to my boyfriend, should I tell them that they made a mistake? Well, It turns out that the woman who came in first in my age group, came in first overall, so the kind race organizers I guess decided to spread the "wealth" and instead of giving her two medals, gave me one instead!
After the race, we headed to Newburyport, MA for a wonderful weekend! We stayed at a beautiful inn, The Garrison Inn, and had an amazing dinner at David's.
Sunday we ran the streets of Newburyport, enjoying the town and all it has to offer. Monday, we took a really good yoga class at the local YWCA before sadly, making our way back to NYC. Unfortunately, sometimes having a day off makes you realize how nice it is to have a day off, and makes you want more!!!
All in All it was a great weekend!! The race was great, Newburyport was great, being out of the city was great, and just having some time away with my Valentine was priceless!

The best part of it all is that the fever for "Race of the Month" club is back! Hmmm.... where to race in March? That is the question of the day. Anyone have any ideas for another fun race to do in March? (preferably within driving distance of NYC)

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