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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Night = Plans for the Week

Trying to get myself organized for this first week of a (hopefully) wonderful new year!
In keeping with my newly defined goals of the year, here are my plans for the week.

Mind: review chosen topic for work

Body: Run Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sunday
cross train 2x/week (probably Mon and Wed)
Drink at least 2 water bottles full of water daily (48oz) + 8oz with vitamins

Soul: Daily Gratitude Journal
Send out my "Happy Winter" cards to friends as a way to reconnect and to
surprise them with snail mail (it is always so much fun to get mail!)

I can already tell that there is not going to be enough time in each day to do all the things I am currently excited about doing, but at least if I try to do one thing a day towards my goals, I will feel productive and that always makes me feel better!!

Despite all this excitement about goals/plans/lists and starting a new year and a clean slate, I have to say that I have a bad case of the Sunday Night Blues. I wish I had a week off to do all that I want to do. I know once the work week starts I will be fine, but sometimes it is just so hard to get the work week started!

I am off to go enjoy the rest of the weekend. As a way of savoring the last bit of the holidays before returning to the real world tomorrow, I am going to eat my mom's homemade raviolis (that she makes every year for Christmas) for my dinner. Yummy!!

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