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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year- A Clean Slate

2010 Recap
miles ran: 1325
races completed: 9 (1 marathon,4 half marathons,1 15K,1 6K,2 5Ks)

I absolutely love the clean-slate feeling New Years brings and the opportunity it affords to set new goals and new visions for the upcoming year.

This year I have decided to break my goals up into 3 categories: Mind, Body, and Soul.

There are a few goals that I made last year, like running 1200 miles and running a race a month, that I would like to carry over into 2011.

2011 Goals

1) Read at least 10 books this year
2) Focus in on one topic/month for my profession and post an article on our professional website on such topic

1) 1201 miles in 2011
2) Incorporate 2 cross-training sessions/week
3) Weekly healthy habits - (to be determined weekly) such as drinking enough water daily, taking my vitamins, making lunch daily, etc.

1) Daily Gratitude Journal
2) Love more, criticize less
3) Daily/weekly soup for the soul- each week I will set weekly goals for this category- but I would basically just like to make more time for the little stuff in life, like making cookies, meeting up with friends, connecting with family members, and maybe even some self-pampering!

My race of the month club goal!
I don't know what category to put this one in because I think it fits in all three categories. It is obviously good for my body, but it is also as equally beneficial for my mind and my soul. The thing that I love the most about the race of the month is that often times it gets us out of the city for a mini weekend vacation away- and what is better for the mind, body, and soul then that?!

I am excited to start figuring out my races of the month and my race plans for 2011 tomorrow! This task is by far my favorite! Be back to post some of my race plans tomorrow.

Bring on 2011!!!

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  1. Love more criticize less. Love it!