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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Night = Plans for the Week 2

So the first week of the new year was so-so for me when it came to sticking with my plans. I find this happens every year with me. That first week (and sometimes first month) is always a sort of trial run week (or month) for me. It takes me awhile to get into it, but then, I have to say I do a pretty good job at keeping (at least to the basics of) my goals for the year.

Last week I did a pretty good job with drinking more water, increasing my weekly running mileage (32 miles), and taking time to appreciate what I have and paying it forward. I also signed up for my first race - the Manhattan 1/2 Marathon - of 2011! Although I think I will be more "running" it then "racing" it! I don't think I am in any shape to be racing a half marathon. It is still absolutely amazing to me how quickly I can lose my "fitness" after just a few weeks off. I feel like it is my speed that suffers the most, not necessarily my endurance. I felt fine during my 13 mile long run this weekend, but thought I was going to die during a mile repeat on tuesday night. According to the McMillan calculator, my 6:24 mile brings be back down to a 3:36 marathon/1:42 half marathon pace currently - oops! Oh well, that just means back to the ole' training program and some hill repeats to gain back some of that speed- especially if I do decide on a spring marathon.

This week I was not very good at cross training (I didnt do any!!), taking my vitamins (again, none!), or doing anything "academic" (nada!). This week's plans are therefore going to be very similar to last week's plans.

Week 2 Plans:
Mind: review chosen topic for work

Body: Run Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sunday
cross train 2x/week
Drink at least 2 water bottles full of water daily (48oz) + 8oz with vitamins

Soul: Daily Gratitude Journal
Send out a card a week to a friend/family member just because to let them know I am thinking of them

Here's to a better week ahead!

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  1. Hi there!
    I just posted my goals too- and I have a friend one too I forgot to list on my post. oops!

    It's also to send a card to my BFF who is undergoing some major transformations in her life at the moment;-)