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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Run Hard, Live Easy

I was at the gym today, trying to keep myself from going comatose, when I spotted a t-shirt that read "Run Hard, Live Easy". The shirt got me thinking, and kept my mind occupied as I was aimlessly climbing up endless revolving steps, not very happy.
I find that this is a motto I can, and I think, by most aspects, I do live by.
It doesn't take much to make me happy. A cool, crisp fall day, the taste of pumpkin spice coffee, the smell of a Christmas tree, the sound of the ocean, blue skies and shining sun, these are a few things that make me happy. For the most part I think I live simply.
I also find that when I run hard, work out hard, and try hard, I am generally a better person for it all around. I always feel better about myself after a good run, and I am definitely in a much better mood after a good workout. Most importantly, perhaps, though, is that after a good hard run, I don't feel guilty about the little indulgences that make me oh so happy!! A nice glass (or two) of wine, a warm homemade cookie (or two), unlimited chips and guacamole, a handful (or three) of nibs, these things all make me smile!
I tend to find happiness in the simple things in life for the most part ... Running hard just helps me to enjoy them even more.. guilt-free.. and that just makes me even more oh so happy!!!

But that isn't the only reason that running hard helps to make living easy easier. There is no question that stress levels lower after a workout.. so automatically doesn't that make the requirements for being content less? Letting your emotions and anxieties out while on the road (and leaving them there), lessens your search for something bigger to calm you or soothe your soul.
Maybe this is why one hardly ever runs into a high maintenance runner off the road or outside the track. High maintenance when they have their running shorts on , yes, but in life, generally no. I think you will find that you can usually just hand them a beer after a good run and they are happy!
I know that once I got off that darn stair stepper at the gym today and decided upon a challenging run instead, my mood changed for the better. And now, as I sit here eating my yummy homemade brick stone pizza and drink my glass of pinot grigio, I realize what a good day it was, and I am content!

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  1. I agree, the simple things in life are the best and make me very happy! I need to keep dwelling on this idea of simplicity...more cookies, wine and pizza perhaps?? Sweet post!