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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring..Is that you?!?!

What a gorgeous morning! 45 degrees and sunny! It sure made it easier to get up this morning to go for a little run around the park. It also motivated me to come home and do a quick 30 minute physique 57 arm and ab booster video. After all, spring is just around the corner which means it is just about that time of yearto kick off "bikini blast-off" season! I chuckle when I write this, because every year I seem to get myself psyched to start "bikini blast-off ", only to find myself repeating every Sunday night, "ok.. this week REALLY starts bikini blast-off". This seems to continue all the way to the end of the summer. I seem to finally start getting myself in better shape right around fall, which lasts just to about the holiday eating frenzy!! My friend and I always use to remark how we always seem to be in better shape during the fall into winter rather then spring into summer when it would work better for us. After all, trying to get away without wearing shorts all summer is pretty difficult especially during the hot, humid days of August!
Anyway, maybe by starting a little bit earlier this year, and actually writing out a plan to help me get "bikini ready" will bring me better luck!
So, this weeks goals are:
1) 5 days of cardio ( 4 days running, 1 day cross-training )
2) 3 days arms/abs ( 2 physique 57 workouts, 1 boring routine at the gym)
3) Portion control!!!!

How many days til fall??


  1. Thanks for swinging by my blog, and yeah the Athleta pics can motivate like that..have fun w/your workout!;-) and good luck w/the giveaway

  2. A P.T. commenting on my blog. Sweet! Thanks for stopping by. I am now officially a follower/stalker of your blog. :-) P.S. I played it safe and didn't comment on your "bikini blast-off" post!

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