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Monday, November 15, 2010

Plan for the Week

Since the marathon I have found myself alot more disorganized and a little lost with no longer any plan to follow. My eating habits and lack of healthy habits(i.e drinking enough water, remembering my daily vitamins) have gone awry. To help me get back on track, I have decided to write out my plan for the week and keep better track of my daily habits.
Monday- run home from work, physique 57, make a healthy dinner
Tuesday - Strengthening ex at gym in the AM, team practice/run PM
Wednesday - Gym - cross training, core and UE or physique 57, make something new for dinner!
Thursday - run in am and strengthening exercises
Friday - off
Saturday - practice/run
Sunday - run or cross training
Make sure to drink enough water and take my vitamins every day!
Other things to do this week:
Decide what making/bringing to Thanksgiving Dinner
Decide on November race of the month (probably a turkey trot)

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