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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Learning to cook through other's blogs

Over the last few months I have learned a lot from reading other's blogs. Now that the marathon is over and I have a little more time on my hands, I have decided that I want to get more into cooking, baking, and well, using my kitchen. Over the weekend I did a lot of cooking (a lot for me anyway) and have decided to try to cook/make at least one new thing each week from other people's blogs.

This weekend from reading GreenLitesBites I have learned how to cut butternut squash, make butternut squash fries(Yummy!!)and pasta with pumpkin, turkey sausage and spinach.

For dessert I made some very yummy no-bake s'mores brownies-delicious!!that I found on Framed Cooks blog.

It feels like such an accomplishment when I actually cook a meal, not to mention it's a lot more healthy and less expensive then ordering out or buying already prepared foods.

I am going to try cooking something new every Wednesday since I get home from work early on this day and hopefully bake/make something new on the weekends.

Looks like I best get back to training for something soon with all this baking I am going to be doing!!!

This week my goal is to get back to the gym at least 2 days to do my strengthening exercises, 3-4 days of running, and 2 days of Physique 57 so that I can fully enjoy all this new food without any of the guilt! That is one thing I already miss about marathon training- eating without having to worry!

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  1. I like this idea - I'm looking forward to reading about your cooking adventures! :)