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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Training Week in Review

I was serious when I stated that I had to get my butt in gear, and get serious about my training. Although I didn't necessarily feel as though I "nailed" my workouts for the week, I am proud to report that I did stick with them even when I over slept on Thursday morning (and had to do my workout @ 8:30 pm after work) and felt like walking at mile 18 on Saturday.
Weekly workout in review:
Mon- off
Tues - 7 x hill repeats with added mileage after every 3 for a total of 9 miles- definitely didn't feel very strong up those hills as I did in previous marathon cycles.
Wed: 6 mile run @ 60 seconds slower then marathon pace (8:33 min/mile)-success!
Thurs: 2 mile warm-up; 4 miles @ 30 seconds faster then marathon pace: ugh, big fail! I should have been doing 7 min/miles instead I did 7:24,7:16,7:27,6:56 (thanks to the downhill) - just couldn't get my mojo flowing after a full day at work - I was tired!
Friday: Rest Day - success!
Saturday: 20 miles - 10 @ 75 min slower then marathon pace, 5 @ marathon pace, 5 faster. Success! Even though I managed to succeed at this workout, I think that it was only possible due to the fact that I did it on a nice flat trail. I don't think I could have done it if I ran in the park with all the hills. I definitely felt spent with 2 miles to go and wasn't sure if I was going to keep up the pace. I just kept thinking that I could either give it one last effort and feel good (mentally) for the rest of the day or give up and be disappointed with myself. I wasn't about to let 18 miles go to waste, so I just hung in there and kept pushing even though I wanted to slow down so badly!! Last 10 miles: 7:25, 7:24, 7:28, 7:28,7:28, 7:16, 7:12, 7:20, 7:18, 7:22.
Sunday: nice and easy 6 mile recovery run and then the gym for abit of stretching, lower body strengthening and some balance training. Success

I finished this week thinking that I am probably not where I need to be to hit my targeted sub-3:20 marathon pace. After Saturday's run, I kept wondering how was I possibly going to hit those times for a full 26 miles when it was difficult enough to do it for 10 miles after going so slow for the first 10. I am trying to remember if this is right about the time that self-doubt starts to come into play during the training cycle, or if I really am so far behind comparatively to last marathon training cycle?
Next Sunday should be the telling factor- I just signed up for a 1/2 marathon for Sunday, so we shall see just where I am at pace wise. Ugh, I am already nervous about it!!!


  1. again, i know i've written this before somewhere, but you're just stinking fast! dang.

    and yeah, that whole self doubt things shines SO brightly for me. I have no idea what my current half marathon pace should be. i'm basing it off a 5k run from march! ha! well, my 5k this wknd should also give me an indication of where i'm at;-)

  2. congrats on a great 20-miler!