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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

4 weeks of training left-time to get serious!!!

My, where did the time go???? Only 7 weeks left to the MCM!!! Which leaves only 4 weeks of quality training left, ouch!!!
I definitely do not feel as strong as I did at this point last marathon, and I am starting to fear that my goal of a sub 3:20 marathon might just not be in the cards for me this time around.
I have not really felt strong during any of my workouts lately, and unfortunately, I can't contribute that feeling to complications from "overtraining". In fact, I feel as though I may have been slacking abit over the last 3 weeks.
So,I decided on Sunday night that I have 4 weeks to give it one last big effort! I need to be diligent with my workouts over the next four weeks.
Today was my last day of hill training. Again, I felt sluggish pushing up the hill, the same hill that during last marathon training cycle I felt like Queen of the hills on. Although I wanted to throw in the towel and make the excuse that I had to hurry on home so that I wouldn't be late for work, I pushed through and completed my 7 x hills workout.
Tomorrow I MUST incorporate some core and lower body strengthening. I MUST!
4 weeks of hard work, with hopes of a sub 3:20 marathon on 10/31/2010!

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